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Community Clean Up Week

Please call and let us know what locations your organization would like to clean up! Claiming an area will help the cleanup be effective. As people call in we will mark down what areas they said they would work in. Below is a list of the areas that are circled and numbered, let us know which area you’d like to clean!

  1. WBI: Near Vets home and WBI
  2. Greater Glendive Foundation: Area between Whistle stop and Bob’s Body Shop
  3. Special Olympics: area near the High school
    Cub Scouts Troop 111 Glendive Medical Center area
  4. – Glendive Eye Care: Valentine St. Block
  5. –¬†Glendive Evangelical Youth Group: Gazebo Park
  6. – LDS Church Youth: Eyer Park and JC West Park
  7. – Boys and Girls Club: One lane road adjacent to K-Mart Parking Lot close to Rail Road.

Map below has suggested areas circled.