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Community Clean Up Week

Please call and let us know what locations your organization would like to clean up! Claiming an area will help the cleanup be effective. As people call in we will mark down what areas they said they would work in. Below is a list of the areas that are circled and numbered, let us know which area you’d like to clean!

  1. WBI: Near Vets home and WBI
    -Boys and Girls Club: Exits 215
  2. Special Olympics: area around the High school Friday, April 27th at 12 pm to 3 pm
    Contact Debbie Sevier (406) 939-0241 if you’d like to help
    GMC Staff: Hospital campus and Llyod Square Park Friday, April 27th at 1 pm
    Contact Jamie Shanks: (406) 345-2627 if you’d like to help
    Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts/Cub Scouts: Warehouse to Underpass Saturday, April 28th Time TBD
    Contact Crystal Ingram: (406) 939-4952
  3. – 
  4. – Greater Glendive Foundation: Barry Underpass and EPEC Monday and Tuesday, April 23rd – 24th Afternoon and Evening. Contact Peggy Iba: (406) 939-7422 if you’d like to help.
  5. – 
  6. Bell Street Bridge Committee: Bell Street Bridge near Eyer Park Sunday, April 22nd, 2 pm if you’d like to help.
  7.  Smith Family: Highway 16 Near Lucky Lil’s and Old Exon Contact: Codi Smith (406) 939-4405
    if you’d like to help. Tentative Monday 23rd for cleanup.
  8. Dawson Resource Council:  Sunday, April 22nd, 3 pm at the Jefferson School Parking Lot
  9. Schmidt Family: 73 Dry Creek Rd Contact: (406) 989-0057 if you’d like to help
    -Smith Family: Circle exit 
    Contact: Codi Smith (406) 939-4405 if you’d like to help. Tentative Monday 23rd for cleanup.

Map below has suggested areas circled.