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BBQ in the Badlands & Brewfest? What is it? How does it work?” All valid questions when it comes to this event that continues to grow year after year. To the public eye, it may just look like a fun afternoon gathering with friends and family for a good ol’ American BBQ. What you do not know is the community and competition behind it all.


Prairie Smoke & Spice BBQ with the Grand Champion trophy


BBQ in the Badlands is a Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS) sanctioned competition. Teams from all over travel around to different barbecue contests and for some, Glendive’s BBQ in the Badlands is one of their favorites. For our 2019 run, we had teams come from Canada, Utah, and more surrounding states. We were able to get enough teams to come this year in order to make BBQ in the Badlands an official state competition this year. You better believe, these teams are serious about their barbecue. So serious, some pull their operation with a semi-truck and you better not get in any of their ways during turn in times.

As well as teams, KCBS brings in certified judges from far and wide to judge the mouth-watering barbecue the teams prepare. A few of our judges in 2019 came all the way from Florida. If you have ever tasted the barbecue these teams make, you know why judges would travel around to eat it all the time.

These competitions are made up of an incredible community of teams, judges, and their supporting families. Between judges jumping in and helping, and teams bonding before and after competition, we were happy to host this competition event for the 4th time with hopes of many more to come!

A special thanks to all of our event sponsors, Dino Dave, judges, and contestants who came and supported the competition this year. We look forward to belly-fulls of barbecue in the coming years.

BBQ in the Badlands & Brewfest 2019 Results

Grand Champion: Prairie Smoke & Spice BBQ

Reserve Champion: Salt City Barbecue

BBQ People’s Choice: Pig Mechanics

Beer People’s Choice: Beaver Creek Brewery