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Welcome to Montana

Guidelines to follow when visiting Montana
Help slow the spread of COVID-19

Safety First Adventure Second

1. Know the local public health guidelines before arriving at your destination.

2. Understand that some services and destinations may be limited.

3. Stay home if you are sick.

4. Be aware that some business require masks be worn

5. Maintain 6 feet of distance between others

6. Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer

7. Cover your coughs and sneezes


Explore Responsibly

As you enjoy our city of Glendive, be MONTANA AWARE and take these steps to be a responsible, respectful traveler.

1. Keep Space- Keep 6 feet from others and wear a mask in crowded spaces inside or out

2. Plan ahead- check for closures, pack supplies and have a backup plan

3. Explore Locally- pick a base camp and support local businesses

4. Be respectful-respect the guidelines, the land, and the people.

5. Protect the outdoors- Minimize impact and give wildlife space.


For more information visit: glendivechamber.com and visitmt.com/montana-aware
Contact the local Chamber of Commerce 1- 406-377-5601